AGRITRADING has been selling food and fodder quality grain, oilseeds, legumes, vegetables, herbs and other agricultural products and feed ingredients obtained in the course of their processing since 2000. Our branches are Agritrading SIA in Latvia and Agritrading UAB in Lithuania.

Agritrading has an organic certificate for food and fodder sales.

We at Agritrading value the regional approach and sell mostly agricultural products from the region of the Baltic Sea.

EESTIVILI AS is a subsidiary of Agritrading engaged exclusively in purchases of local Estonian agricultural produce. Eestivili AS emphasises the reliable and personal relationship with the farmer, which enables us to offer as flexible solutions as possible to sell farm produce.

Our strengths are that flexibility, as well as excellent logistical arrangements, adherence to delivery deadlines, professional personnel and extensive experience in this field. Our employees are open-minded, innovative and development-oriented. We always know the latest trends and changes in Estonian and global agriculture and the economy on the whole.